Emesary: Nasal implementation for FlightGear

I’ve been recently looking at how to improve the way that the F-14 is built after starting to integrate the enhancements that Fabien has made to the radar system.

The trouble is that the F-14 is currently all very interdependent and would massively benefit from being decoupled. This is ideally suited to my standard solution to this sort of problem Emesary


Emesary: PHP example of class based inter-object communication

To take a high level view, any system is built from a collection of parts - some of these parts need to perform a required job (the primary purpose) and the parts will need to interface to each other.

C# WPF Instructor Station Development notes

Developing from ground up a new IOS using WPF & C#

Basic Design

Event bus

Previously for the event driven inter object communications in the Java MFD training I’d used a derived version of ARINC429. This worked well although it was clumsy in use.

Basic structure was to have a Message, within which there were multiple MessageDataItems.

The standard way of receiving a message is to implement the interface and then decode each specific message type, and then iterate through the contained messages.

Emesary implementation of C# WPF Application Messaging

I've tried to explain this many ways and it always ends up hard to understand, so this time I'm just trying code.

I've been using this technique since 1996 in various forms and it is always the cornerstone of my architectures. It is simple, extensible and efficient.

This technique will allow decoupled disparate parts of a system to function together, GUI, DB and business logic.

C# .NET Emesary downloads

Base Class Diagram

Building a modern application in .NET

Recently I was fortunate enough to be in the position of having a completely free hand to choose the technologies for a desktop application, which is a double edged sword. The only technical brief was that it had to be a Windows Desktop application

Emesary implementation of a message based real time system

This entire entry is really a set of notes to remind me of an idea I've just had....
There are many ways of implementing an real time executive, i.e. a system that takes responsibility for loading, running, and monitoring individual sections of code.

Emesary : Efficient inter-object communication using interfaces and inheritance

A technique that I have been using for a very long time to enable the inner workings of code to be cleaner and more decoupled, easier to maintain and extend.

In essence it is nothing that new - event driven systems have been around for a very long time.
What makes this way of doing things different is that it is very lightweight.

Designing a plugin architecture for an application

There simply isn't an application or software system that wouldn't be improved by having a plugin architecture - but it seems harder to implement.

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