Emesary implementation of a message based real time system

This entire entry is really a set of notes to remind me of an idea I've just had....
There are many ways of implementing an real time executive, i.e. a system that takes responsibility for loading, running, and monitoring individual sections of code.

The dangers of global variables revisited because of PHP.

In 1985 after about two years of full time programming I had an epiphany; realising that global variables are a very bad idea. Roughly 20% of the bugs that I kept finding were down to abuse or misuse of global variables, so I stopped using them, apart from the time when you really should use one (e.g. for a pointer to global shared memory that never changes).

So here I am over 20 years later, and I've just realised exactly the same thing, except this time it's in PHP not 'CORAL' '66'.

Quick guide to designing an Enterprise Level Application.

Is it possible to explain how to build a scalable system in less than 200 pages?

The answer is realistically no - in fact I doubt that it could be done in 200 pages, what is needed is experience and there is no substitue for it.

Emesary : Efficient inter-object communication using interfaces and inheritance

A technique that I have been using for a very long time to enable the inner workings of code to be cleaner and more decoupled, easier to maintain and extend.

In essence it is nothing that new - event driven systems have been around for a very long time.
What makes this way of doing things different is that it is very lightweight.

Designing a plugin architecture for an application

There simply isn't an application or software system that wouldn't be improved by having a plugin architecture - but it seems harder to implement.

The danger of the using words new latest and old updated newer in any names

The danger of using the words that relate to time and freshness in names, such as old,newer,latest and updated.

Taking over someone else's code

There will always come a point in any software system where the original developers move on and yet someone has to maintain

How to use alpha blending on websites to create cool looking effects

Alpha blending is now possible thanks to improved browser support for PNG images with an alpha channel.

In essence the alpha channel controls the visibility and I use this together with layering images atop each other to provide texture and colour to style page elements.

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