Using Wordpress 4.1.7, Woocommerce to create a furniture store

It’s been a while since I did any Wordpress development, but recently I was asked to build a straightforwards, clean, site to act as a shop front / ecommerce for a retailer of special and refurbished furniture.

As always with these sites, the URL caused a considerable discussion, until it was decided that zunika-interiors.co.uk fitted nicely into their target niche market.

The last site I built was using Wordpress 4.1.7 with Woocommerce, so I started off with a direct copy of this (it’s always easier to drop the whole lot onto the ftp server an


Wordpress related

WordPress plugin to show jcarousel of images from posts

Carousel of Post images is a fully integrated jcarousel Image Gallery plugin for WordPress to allow quick and easy galleries built from the iamges attached to posts. Built using the excellent JQuery Carousel

Sample Screenshot


The images can be selected based on post ID, or from all images attached to posts.

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