Generally useful links for web and software development.

After a massive reshuffle the following remain:

This is DNS interrogation tool is essential for anyone meddling with the dark secrets of DNS. Get a second opinion on your zone files for free.

jQuery visual documentation

Client-Side JavaScript 1.3 Reference

How to keep secrets secret – alternatives to hardcoding passwords

Useful for visualising structures (e.g. database schemas) powerful graph editor

Essential tools

This is all personal taste, it’s almost a complete summary of what I use daily, but I’ve spared you the commentary for now.

Development tools

My personal list of development tools in order of importance to me and vaguely by the amount I’ve used something. Visual Studio and LINQPad both deserve special awards for excellence. Out of the entire list LINQPad has made the most difference to my productivity in the last few years.

  1. Visual Studio Still the best IDE I’ve ever used by far. Special Award For Excellence
  2. Xemacs
  3. LINQPad Special Award For Excellence
  4. SmartGit
  5. Putty
  6. VirtualBox
  7. WinMerge
  8. yEd
  9. Heidi SQL
  10. SQL Server management studio. (Since discovering LINQPad I’ve almost not used SSMS for querying)

(If something is on this list it means I’ve bought it or donated (where accepted))

Things that are useful or neat

The following list is in alpha order; these are tools that I use in varying amounts but safe to say that I rely on using them. I don’t do much Java these days; and if JBuilder hadn’t have switched to using Eclipse it would still be on my list.