Using VSPAero to generate an aerodynamic model for JSBSim in FlightGear

Research into alternative methods of building aerodynamic models.

One of the challenges, probably the biggest single challenge, presented to an aircraft modeler is to make a representative FDM from any data that can be collected from publicly available sources. When there isn’t much data it has been a point of much discussion whether to use YAsim or to use a JBSSim model created with Aeromatic, Aeromatic++, DATCOM, or DATCOM+.

Emesary: Multiplayer network bridge for FlightGear


Emesary bridges are a very simple and efficient way to connect two Emesary instances running in different processes. In concept a bridge simply joins a transmitter on a local process to a transmitter on a remote process or system. Neither transmitter is aware of the bridge, and recipients on the remote will simply receive the notification in exactly the same way as if it were transmitted locally.

For FlightGear the multiplayer bridge allows notifications to be routed over the network by layering ontop of the existing FlightGear multiplayer protocol.

Object event bus; Emesary: Nasal implementation for FlightGear

I’ve been recently looking at how to improve the way that the F-14 is built after starting to integrate the enhancements that Fabien has made to the radar system.

The trouble is that the F-14 is currently all very interdependent and would massively benefit from being decoupled. This is ideally suited to my standard solution to this sort of problem Emesary


Flightgear Interior shadow cubemap kit

This is a kit for making an interior shadow for the Effects/model-interior in Flightgear 3.6

Steps are.

  1. Load the interior-shadow-cubemap-creator.blend
  2. Import your model.
  3. Place the camera at the correct place (see the F-15 reference picture)
  4. Use the animate button – this will create 6 correctly oriented png files
  5. Use the properties to find the X,Y,Z of the camera
  6. Modify interior-shadow.eff to have the correct coordinates.
  7. Move the 6 png files to the appropriate place; I use Model/Effects/inteior

Flightgear Rembrandt deferred rendering performance


The deferred configurable pipeline has great possibilities; but poor performance.

ALS works exceptionally well and ThorstenR has done amazing stuff with it; and not burnt frame rate at all. Rembrandt shadows are too flickery and a shadow map as Thorsten has added to ALS is arguably2 a much better way than the way Rembrandt does it.

Rewriting working code

I was recently asked to advise on converting a site that was written in ASP to PHP, Ruby on Rails, or ASP.NET. Sounded like a good job because the specification is the existing site and the only requirement is that the new system must run on a technology “that is supported” and has a future roadmap.

PHP Implementation of a reference monitor to provide record level access

How I implemented a reference monitor in around 400 lines of PHP (in ZXAF) – together with code examples and samples.

Generate SQL to identify duplicates

A small tool that javascript to generate SQL that will identify duplicated records in a table

Object Model Design for a Reference Monitor

A reference monitor is an approach to implement a secure system based on access control. Any system can be depicted in terms of subjects, objects, an authorization database, an audit trail, and a reference monitor, as shown in Figure 1. The reference monitor is the control center that authenticates subjects and implements and enforces the security policy for every access to an object by a subject.

Figure 1: Reference Monitor

This is the basic design for the Reference monitor.

Generic data modelling of products in the Entity Framework (EF)

Everything is composed of something until you hit the fundamental elements of your domain. In a restaurant environment these would be what a chef would call ingredients, ie. stuff that comes from a food processing plant or a farm. However at the food processing plant these are the output rather than the input. I’ve tried to draw this below, it’s not complicated once you understand that it is a model of how things are.

So model this, using a table ProductBase

Ingredients, recipes, menus, etc. are all the same.

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