Automatic release script from Subversion (SVN) admin 29 December, 2010 - 16:24

Shell Script

Simple script to manage the release from Subersion to site process, and create a version file _vni_ that simply contains the current release version information for easy display by including into PHP (or via whatever other include method is available).

svn update
svn status
svn info | awk -f make-vers.awk
# mysql -uroot &ltmysql\ databases/db-create.sql

Database creation, migration and how it works with source control (SVN) and projects.

Database version control has been something that used to cause me problems, a lot of problems, because it wasn't within the normal controlled sources. This had to change - and it isn't something that is easy to do as it requires discipline because the databases don't really integrate with any source control system. (Correct me if I'm wrong - I'll be very pleased).