The danger of the using words new latest and old updated newer in any names

The danger of using the words that relate to time and freshness in names, such as old,newer,latest and updated.

You can't do it. if you ever find yourself including the word new,old,updated,modified etc in a file name stop immediately.

Use dates, revision levels, phase of the moon, etc.

To give a real world example of a set of filenames that I had to figure out on a live site:

"LatestProcedures updated in version).sql"

"LatestProcedures updated in modified old version).sql"

How are those two files different? After much time with windiff I came to the conclusion that the first one is the version after the one in the latest procedures, but before the updated base db version, and after the updated old pre-changes newer version....

Maybe someone should we patent this as a new, foolproof method of version control, it's so much more explanatory than revision 10 being after revision 9 and before revision 11.... At least this way we know what it really might possibly be.

Before you run off and delete your version control systems I found that the live site was contained within the following directory "C:\DevSQPatchLBackup\"

All very scary - and all indicates why version control is essential from day 1. Before you write any code or design setup a new folder to hold it, and then checkin at least daily.