Simple batch file (CMD) for deploying a .NET aspx site from a SVN controlled directory.

What follows is in the quick hack category - I'm sure there is a much better of doing this - but this works and keeps my servers cleaner by not copying the .aspx.* files (e.g. .aspx.vb .aspx.rex) and the project files.

Before running this for the first time you will need to
svn co www-svn
net stop w3svc
svn update www-svn
rd/s www
xcopy/t/e/y www-svn www
xcopy/s/y www-svn\*.aspx www\
xcopy/s/y www-svn\*.ascx www\
xcopy/s/y www-svn\*.config www\
xcopy/s/y www-svn\bin\*.* www\bin\
xcopy/s/y www-svn\*.jpg www\
xcopy/s/y www-svn\*.png www\
xcopy/s/y www-svn\*.gif www\
xcopy/s/y www-svn\*.js www\
xcopy/s/y www-svn\*.css www\
xcopy/y www-svn\global*.* www\
net start w3svc