TTF to TXF Font Conversion

h2. TXF format

The TXF format is used by the PLIB FNT library and produces text using texture maps instead of bitmaps for performance reasons.

h2. Download


h2. Building TXF fonts

There are many ways to build a TXF font; however it is easiest to render a TTF font onto a bitmap and convert this into TXF format. This is what the TTF2TXF program does - although it can be hard to find compiled versions. So I've built the ttf2txf together and merged in the show font onscreen function that can help to see if the font is going to be any good without having to run a plib application.


ttf2txf -n -o <output-path> -s <font-size-points> -w _width-pixels> -h <width-pixesl> <input-path>


    ttf2txf.exe -n -o fg\monoMMM_5.txf -s 43 -w 512 -h 512 ttfs\monoMMM_5.ttf