Emesary: PHP example of class based inter-object communication admin 6 October, 2012 - 16:08

To take a high level view any system is built from a collection of parts - some of these parts need to perform a required job (the primary purpose) and the parts will need to interface to each other.
The database tier needs a defined API, after all accessing the database is the primary purpose.
This is where a set of classes with methods and properties is required.
During the operation of the database tier it may cause exceptions or failures to be raised. Also the database may need to communicate externally to any number of services that are not necessarily known at build time.

WordPress plugin to show jcarousel of images from posts

Carousel of Post images is a fully integrated jcarousel Image Gallery plugin for WordPress to allow quick and easy galleries built from the iamges attached to posts. Built using the excellent "JQuery Carousel":

h2. Sample Screenshot


h2. Operation

The images can be selected based on post ID, or from all images attached to posts.